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If you sing good song, then apply for the upcoming singing audition in 2020. This audition process is free and online. This audition is for all types of stage. If you are preparing for Indian Idol audition, Saregamapa audition, or any other reality shows. So you can try your luck here too. You will get many benefits from it. And you will get a chance to identify yourself. Whether I am capable of any big lavel reality shows program or not.

If you want to give singing auditions. Our platform can prove to be the best for you. We audition all those who are new or old singers. Or they are interested in singing and want to make a career in the singing platform. The audition process is online and free, That means you can audition through the online phone sitting in the house

Information related to Singing Audition

Friends, always remember one thing. People who give jobs, they never ask for money. And those who ask for money. He never gets a job, but he makes a fool. Some fraudsters are doing their business in the name of singing auditions. They ask for a lot of money, and fool the artists, Just think. What will the people who ask for money give you a job. I do not want to take names of such people, you will understand yourself. Some people ask for money in the name of singing audition through online website. All I want to say is don’t waste your time in such people. And don’t waste money without any reason. If you have the skills, you will definitely find work

How to give online auditions?

The process of online audition is very simple you have to record your song with a mobile phone. Without any music, only your voice. And send us your audio clips on this email address. Auditionstar7@gmail.com Friends remember, singing is very good for you.

benefits of singing audition

singing jobs

If you sing well then you will definitely get selected for jobs. You may be wondering how I will give you a job, so I want to tell you. I have two options,

(1) I will send your audio clip to the good music directors. If your singing will look good to them. They will definitely give you a job.

(2) We run many online events company websites in India, which contains mostly live music programs. We will give you a job for live singing shows in your immediate city. And you can earn a lot of money by doing live music programs. But all this will be possible only when your singing is very good.

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